FALCOA was awarded its first NBR-ISO 9002/94 Certification in December 2001. The initial scope was "Casting and Marketing of Aluminum Serial Parts", and since then has been renewed and updated by SGS-ICI Certification Ltda.


NBR ISO 9001/2015

Today, we are qualified in the ISO 9001/2015 version. The scope is "Casting and Machining of serial parts in Aluminum". We understand that regardless of Certification, Quality must be present in all stages of the Company's production and management process. This is the differential that brings us closer to our Customers.

NBR ISO 9001/2008


Through the commitment of its leadership and employees, Falcoa strives for excellence in the foundry sector through policy definition that meet:

SCOPE: Casting and Machining of Aluminum Serial Parts.

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